Dining in Style

Our dining room table finally arrived! Kenny and I are starting to be pretty intentional about investing in furniture that will last us 10-years or more. Our blue couch was the first such piece, and this is the second. So, while this isn’t a story about a great deal, we’re busy dreaming–of mealtime conversations that we will have, of games that will be played here, of the future children we will raise around this table–you get the picture. So, while this was a splurge, we like to consider it an investment. (Plus, I did a big freelance project last year, and this is how we decided to blow that moolah!) :)

This is actually the second table to be delivered–the first table was scheduled for delivery near the end of June. I took the afternoon off work to meet the delivery guys, but when they came, the guy informed me that a strap had broken, the table had fallen and was scratched, and could I sign this line here to reject the delivery? So THAT was a bummer. No idea how these customer service issues keep happening to us (first this and then this). But after calling to get a replacement and after being refunded 20% of the purchase price, we were somewhat mollified.


We went with Restoration Hardware’s 17th C. Monastery Round Dining Table in gray acacia. And we went big–this table is a whopping 60″ wide, giving a whole new meaning to the simple request to “pass the salt.”


The only first-world problem we have is that we definitely need 6 chairs instead of 4 and World Market no longer sells our particular style of chair. So, new chairs? Or mix and match? Either way, we’re dining in style. If only I would get around to styling the mantle… ;)


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