The List of All Lists

Kenny and I have been bouncing from project to project in the past four months of home ownership (how has it already been that long?!), but we’re beginning to settle down and do some planning. So the other day, we compiled this master list of projects large and small, just so we can better budget our time and moolah. And because it’s fun to dream a bit, you know? So without further ado, the list to end all lists.

Fair warning: this list may make your eyes glaze over (it’s more of a reference for Ken and I). Feel free to skim! ;)


Mudroom–to do:

  • Built in bench/cabinets/locker system
  • Paint ceiling
  • Crown molding
  • Board and batten

Mudroom–to procure:

  • Rug


Half Bath

  • Tile floor
  • Board and batten (and baseboards)
  • New vanity
  • New sink
  • New faucet
  • New towel holder/tp holder
  • Replace vent with vent/light combo
  • Wallpaper above board and batten? (Ken is not yet convinced…)



  • Sew blind for window above sink
  • New faucet
  • Toekicks


  • Replace cabinets, counters, backsplash
  • Rotate island 90 degrees counterclockwise so barstools face back of house
  • Add bank of cabinets opposite sink wall (behind future location of barstools)



  • Ceiling–wood treatment
  • Replace slider door (french doors?)
  • Remove ceiling fan & replace with awesome light (we have yet to use the fan)

Sunroom–to procure

  • Fiddle leaf fig trees
  • Tiny cabinet to hide internet router paraphernalia
  • Pair of chairs
  • End table (or a matching set?)


Living room

Living room–to procure

  • Console table
  • Pair of lamps
  • Pair of chairs
  • End tables



  • Replace front door
  • Wire light into closet
  • Enclose space above closet
  • Replace doorbell
  • Crown molding
  • Replace stair railings
  • Remove carpet on stairs
  • Replace treads & stain new ones
  • Add runner on stairs


Upstairs hallway

  • Remove carpet & replace with laminate
  • New light fixtures
  • Replace baseboards
  • Crown molding
  • Repaint


Front guest bedroom

  • Replace carpet
  • Repaint

Front guest bedroom–to procure

  • Queen size bed frame, headboard, mattress
  • Nightstands
  • Dresser

Craft bedroom

  • Replace carpet
  • Repaint


Upstairs bathroom

  • Replace shower hardware
  • Repaint
  • Tile floor
  • New vanity, sink, faucet
  • New light fixture
  • New towel bars and tp holder


Smallest bedroom and master bedroom–dreaming here!

  • Remove wall of closets between this bedroom and master to merge the two
  • Oh yes I did just mention that casually–are you listening? :)
  • Remove closet in smallest bedroom
  • Move doorway to immediate left of stairs
  • Replace carpet
  • Add fireplace
  • Create walk-in closet along front of house
  • Tray ceiling?


Master bathroom

  • Remove fiberglass shower surround and replace with tile
  • New shower fixtures
  • Tile floor
  • Repaint
  • New vanity, sink, faucet, mirror
  • New light fixture
  • New towel ring, hooks, tp holder
  • Replace baseboards
  • Board and batten


Basement finished area

  • Repaint
  • New floor covering (carpet or laminate?)
  • New light fixtures
  • New window treatments
  • Built AV/game closet in fireplace nook


Basement unfinished area

  • Build laundry room (build walls & ceiling, tile floor, add countertop above washer/dryer)
  • Better storage systems!


Exterior: front

  • Build out columns
  • Repaint trim
  • New exterior lighting
  • New garage door
  • Remove basketball hoop? (though we’ve been using it a bunch lately!)
  • Add paver-path alongside garage
  • Dream: replace vinyl siding entirely


Exterior: back

  • Redo deck (we want to go BIG!)
  • Add paver patio underneath trees
  • Add paver patio & path near fire pit
  • Add natural stone steps going to dock

Obviously some (many?!) of these projects may take years to complete. But we’re feeling more and more like this could be a long-term home for us–so why not keep the big picture in mind? Oh, and we’ll take anyone anywhere up on their offer of manual labor. These projects aren’t going to do themselves! :)

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