Another Piece of the Living Room Puzzle

Since we’ve moved in, one of the most puzzling pieces of our living room for me has been the space over our mantle. Our fireplace itself is LARGE (the mantle is 5′ tall–up to my chin!), and the space above it also seems like a huge expanse. Because it is.

But when Mom and I were thrifting last weekend, I came across THEEE PERFECT seascape print at an antique store. Here’s the picture I sent to Kenny–with me in it for scale.


My only hesitations were 1) the price, $20, and 2) the color–it was pretty yellow-y, and I was worried it would look weird with our blue/gray livingroom.

But $20 is really an excellent price for a piece of artwork this large, and I could not pass it up.

And the verdict? IT”S WONDERFUL.


The yellowness of the painting adds warmth into the room that had been previously missing (some pillows with yellow in it will bridge the color gap a little better). And I LOVE mixing in antiques with new items, and before this painting, the “new” side of the equation was winning handily.


And…that frame. I love the patina.


I liked this painting so much that I actually took the plunge and hung it up–something I had heretofore been avoiding. Clearly I was just waiting for this piece.

Anyone else had any great secondhand scores lately?


  • Yes! large mantel design paralysis! I have also suffered from not knowing what to do with all the space. It actually wasn’t until my Mom was also here that I figured out how to work with it haha! You’re right–$20 is an awesome deal for such a large piece and I also like the warmth! (Although I still think that time you painted over a piece was so good so I was fully prepared for the story to go there haha)

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