Summer Exterior House Tour

I did an exterior home tour this Spring once the snow melted, but since adding leaves to the trees has changed things so much, I decided to do another! Maybe this will be a seasonal thing? Shoot, I’m like a proud grandma. “Look! Our house! Isn’t it growing up SO nicely?!” *pinches cheeks*

I love this shot below because you can juuuust see the morning light over the lake.


Kenny and I wanted a yard that had mature trees, and we got it…along with a lot of open lawn thrown in the mix! We’re slowly making plans for ways to fill it in a bit more though. Oh! And can you see one of our in-progress projects? We’ve kind of hit a wall though, so don’t hold your breath for final pics anytime soon. :)


Here’s the backyard view from our deck.



And…there’s this. (Originally posted on Instagram…coughfollowcough).


As you can see, we’ve got a few dead/dying trees we need to get taken care of, but thankfully we have trees in abundance. And that crooked tree above is dangling right over the lake, but apparently it’s been that way for years? So we’re not holding our breath on it.

Here’s the view looking back at the house. The lake is at my back on the right, and the creek (mostly dry by now!) is also to the right.


Here’s the view looking into the backyard alongside the garage (along with the very asthetically pleasing cement chunks that I keep pulling from our lake). Grass doesn’t grow well here (it’s usually pretty wet and squishy!), so we’d like to eventually do a cement or paver pathway, and we’d like to get a bush or two to camouflage our well. But that reddish tree at the back corner of the garage is some sort of japanese maple and is one of my fave trees on the property, which is why I included this picture.


Summers in Michigan are the greatest!

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