Pair O’ Chairs

In my last post, you might have caught a glimpse of the new chairs we just purchased. We’ve been planning on getting bettween 1-3 pairs of chairs (I know, it’s a lot) for a while, but the problem is our budget gets you Target quality (read: fine for a few years but no longer than that) and we wanted better. Selfish, I know.

We also wanted arms on our chairs. Arms are much more conducive for curling up with a good book. Slipper chairs=no. We have a pair, and we literally NEVER sit in them. It’s bad.

So we’ve been hunting on and off for some quality chairs at our miniscule price point. And finally–we’ve found them! The nailhead is my fave.


These were being clearanced out at a local furniture place, and at $299 each, they were at the top of our budget but we could do it. And what’s better, the regular price of these were $699 apiece, so we feel like we got the perfect price/quality mix. dsc_1445

For now, they sit in front of our living room windows, but they can’t be centered in front of the windows without jutting awkwardly into the dining room, and that bothers me a smidge. But I also don’t love the idea of moving the couch and putting the chairs on either side of the fireplace. We’ll see where we end up.


I still haven’t filled our thrifted bookshelves….but I am digging the antique seascape! Love the warmth it brings into the room.


And finally, one last up-close shot of the texture. Texture on furniture=good. (In other news, texture on face…aka poison ivy blisters…which I currently have…=bad. I don’t want to talk about it).


NOT that I’m ready for summer to be over (OH NO NO), but I can already envision curling up in one of these with a good book and with a fire a-cracklin. Anyone care to join me?

Oh yes, happy anniversary to myself and Ken–it’s the big 2! Also. My sister comes home today from NZ. YAYYY! Fabulous.

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