Thrift Scores

Surprise (or not), I’ve been thrifting! And it’s been good. I’ll elaborate; don’t you worry.

This small chunky canvas was pretty sweet at a mere $.99.


And then there was this…quite possibly my favorite possession ever. It’s a teeny, tiny, original painting (the painting itself is about 2″ by 3″) in a heavy chunky frame. It’s not antique, but it is awesome. The colors are THE MOST PERFECT. And I love (weirdly) how the floral arrangement is just slightly off center. $4. $4!


And I finally got around to “styling” (I use that term loosely) the mantle after I found this $1.50 brass snail and $.80 green and copper-ish vase. I paired them with some dried billy buttons and a jar of wine corks. Don’t look too closely; it’s a pretentious mix of corks from Aldi wine and $3 buck Chuck (formerly two-buck-chuck).


Can’t stop won’t stop. The thrift store cash registers love me.

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