Front Yard Landscaping

Our yard is BIG…like very large. And we are not at all complaining about it! We’re in love. But…we knew we would fall even deeper in love with a little more help in the landscaping department. Lemme explain.

Our backyard: incredible. Nary a complaint here, nosirree!


Our front yard: well, it’s a little lackluster. But there’s a reason–I’ll get to that later.


There’s just nothin’ going on, ya know?

Here’s why: our drainfield. #countrylivingproblems. We have a septic tank, and when you have a septic tank, all that *stuff* has to have somewhere to go. That somewhere is our front yard.

However, until last week, we didn’t exactly know where our drainfield was. And if you plant trees/shrubs on top of said drainfield, major havoc can be wreaked–in the form of thousands of dollars of damage from roots penetrating the system.

Needless to say, we wanted to avoid that. So we submitted a FOIA request (I felt cool) to our county health department and they shared the original permits and plans for our septic system.

The good news: those documents gave us a fairly good idea of where our drainfield is.

The bad news: our drainfield is HUGE and goes almost the entire width of our front yard–right smack dab in the middle. Which means that planting trees/shrubs over it/nearby is a big no-no.

So we measured and measured and hemmed and hawed and we finally found a way to carve out a little teeny landscaped bed near the driveway. I marked it all out with rope:


…and got to shoveling. KIDS: breaking up sod=HAAAARD. It took me about 3 hours to get from the above pic to the below pic.


We then began deal-hunting for some foliage and found these cuties. Each small shrub was $3, and the flowering tree was $5. KABLAM.


I spaced ’em out…


…and got to planting.


And after some mulch, we were in business!


It’s a tiny little landscaped bed, but it does a lot to break up that large expanse of grass. Also, scroll back up to that first picture and admire the green…we won’t see lush grass like that again until next summer, I’m afraid. Fall is quickly approaching (*digs in heels*). Crazy, right?!

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