Raised Garden Beds

Sometimes Kenny and I do our best work when we don’t overthink things.

Case in point: last Saturday, when we rolled out of bed, asked “what should we do today?” and decided then and there to build some garden beds. We created a rudimentary plan, headed out to Home Depot, and got our supplies.


We’d been theoretically planning on doing this at some point, but when the moment hits, you gotta grab it, ya know?

Most of our wood came from the 70% off cart and we spent about $30 for 2 beds (including screws). We asked and were given some scrap wood that we used for the inside supports.


Oh, and a nice employee helped us cut the wood down, so all we had to do at home was trim up a few pieces that weren’t quite right.


We had to assemble these in the driveway and not on the site of the future garden because our drill is not cordless. Need a new drill, I guess!


Once we had both assembled, we hauled them across our creek and dug them into the hill where they’ll live. We used a level to make sure both boxes were approximately even. Oh, and we made sure we’d be able to fit the lawn mower between the boxes so we could keep the grass mowed.


I guess we’re kind of going for a terraced, Italian look. Can you see it now?!? ;) Next year we’ll hopefully be able to grow some delish veggies!


  • What do you mean next year?!!! get your broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, lettuce, cauliflower, kale in now!!! :) Auntie Susan

    • Sheesh, I though we were doing well just building the things! :) Actually, we have to put dirt in the beds. And I am morally opposed to purchasing dirt, so we’ve been *slowly* dredging the lake bottom and putting that dirt in the beds.

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