New Exterior Lights

Kenny and I have been focusing our time and efforts on the outside of our house this summer (it went SO fast!), and one of the things we wanted to accomplish we can finally check–partially–off our list: replacing exterior lights!

Here’s what our house looked like when we moved in. Do you see those exterior lights flanking the front door?


They’re a bit hard to see (let’s just blame all that snow), so here’s a better picture. And just ignore the lights on the garage. We’re still working on those.


The lights were fine, functionally, but asthetically, they had that 1990’s vibe we’re trying to eradicate. Plus, they were white–a color found no where else on the exterior of our house. Strange, huh? We thought so.

But we had a total of 5 exterior lights to replace (the four on the front of the house and one by our slider on the back of the house)–which meant that a $100 light would translate into a $500 cost. UM NO.

I finally found these lights, on sale for $50 with free shipping. We pulled the trigger and ordered three…



…and then they sat around in our house for a few weeks until we finally got around to installing them. Isn’t that how things go? Ha.

The front door lights look great:

light new

On our deck we had a different style of light, but again, white:

light old

So we replaced it too and now everyone is much happier. Right? ;)


We still have the two lights flanking the garage to replace, but things are already looking brighter around here. :)

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