Vittsjo Sofa Table

For my birthday (yesterday!), Kenny took me to Ikea on Saturday. It’s official–he’s a champ! We also detoured to the Pottery Barn Outlet…details on the rest of our haul coming soon. And he took me to Trader Joe’s. All of those three stores are more than 1.5 hours from us, so this was indeed quite the treat.

We got several things at Ikea, but one of the things I was most excited to get were two of these Vittsjo laptop desks.


Why in the world would I want two spindly laptop desks? Because they were $40 each, yo! And an $80 sofa/console table that checked all our boxes decor-wise? It’s like stumbling across a unicorn. Or having it be warm on my birthday (it was 62 degrees in our house on the morn of my birthday. IN SEPTEMBER. WHUT.).

The plan is to paint the spindly legs gold so we break out of the darkness going on in that side of the room (dark curtains, dark bookshelves, dark floor, dark armchair). I think the gold will also look swell with the seascape frame over the fireplace.


The eventual plan is to find a pair of lamps to place atop this sofa table. We think that will create some nice division between the two sections of room while still letting lots of glorious natural light soon.


Also, please note the new faux sheepskin. Ken was not thrilled about this purchase, but I pulled the “birthday” card and he could obviously not say no after that. And yes, I realize that it’s pretty ironic…my family owns a sheep farm. Ha. :)

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