Craftsman-style Porch Columns: The Reveal

Guys, the dark columns were the way to go! Thank you to everyone who weighed in on the decision. I’ve been waffling about this since early summer, so it will be nice for all of us to finally put this behind us.



We finally feel like our house isn’t screaming “1993!” Here’s what the house looked like when we bought it, snow and everything.


To recap: I removed the railing and we painted the shutters and the front door.


Then we embarked on the column project. I’d estimate this project cost us about $300 (wood, nails, paint), not counting the new miter saw we purchased for the project. Here’s the link to part 1 of the column project.


Getting the columns to this point took me more weekends then I care to admit, and the final product isn’t perfect. My dad was super encouraging though when he noted, “whenever you work with a piece of wood, you get better at woodworking.” I got VERY frustrated many times through this project, but now that it’s finished? I’m very proud of how it turned out and I feel much more comfortable with power tools and building in general. Sometimes I want my Dad (or Kenny) to just step in and HELP already, but in this case, I’m glad they didn’t. I learned a lot.

Once I primed the columns it was evident that white was not the way to go. The primer step was a nice test run just to find out that very thing!


So I got a gallon of $40 paint (OH OUCH why is paint so expensive) and began the most satisfying part of the project.


One coat covered fairly well, but I went back and put a second coat on just to help protect the wood a bit better.


I painted that small section of railing on the left side too, but stopped before I open the Pandora’s box of painting the house trim (it includes painting the garage door! and possibly the gutters as well! Gah.). Though that will happen eventually. Update: We did this! Pats self on back.


At this point, I’m happy with the exterior progress we’ve made on the house this year. We didn’t get everything done, but we did finish off several large projects like this one that make a big difference. Oblige me by laying your eyes one last time (promise!) on this before and after:

house before after

And now, I have a porch to decorate!

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  • Looks great! This has me thinking if we take the plunge I might try to make ours “stain-able”, I was sure white would look best but I really like yours dark brown.

    • In many ways I wish we’d made our stainable, but my woodworking skills are just not there yet! Let’s just say…caulk and paint cover a multitude of mistakes. :)

  • I love how the columns turned out. I have been wanting to do something similar to my porch. What color of paint did you use for the columns?

    • Oh rats, I don’t remember! We looked at a bunch of samples and chose one that didn’t have too much red undertones…maybe that helps a smidge.

  • This would not pass code in my county. No railings and no handrails my home owners insurance also insists on those. I do like the look and you did a fabulous job finishing the project.

    • It’s very common here if the step is small (not sure what the exact limit is). We did put a railing on the side since the ground slopes more on that side!

      • I used to do insurance inspections. I recall that handrail (or lack of) were only an issue after 30 or 36 inches of height of porch. It’s been awhile, so I don’t remember the exact figure.

  • I have some metal post support an awning over my porch that are ugly and many damaged. I have been looking for solutions to make them look better by building around them. [Too expensive to replace all 8 of them] This is a good solution. Thanks

  • Nice job! I’m having 3 skinny pillars beefed up on my porch right now with stacked stone on the bottom half. I hope mine make half the impact yours do! Great color choice too, Anne!

  • You did such a great job! My husband removed all of our railing as well, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the columns that we have. I love that you did this without the guys help. With as busy as my husband is, I may just have to learn to run the saw as well. ;)

  • Hi,
    We are taking off a rod iron railing and want to put up a wood railing, but have cement as the porch, how did you adhere your wood to the cement?

  • Hi! Nice job! Looking at the overall picture, the steps you’ve taken are bringing the house out of the cookie cutter dimension. I have an idea for you to mull around and test your wood working skills even more. Think about putting a wider trim around your windows. Drive around and look at old frame houses (pre WW2) and old farm houses. (I’m not sure where you live, so not sure of your access to such). Almost all of them have a 4″ to 5″ wood trim around the windows. I’ve seen reno jobs that miss this part and it immediately dates the house to a modern vernacular. It could make the difference and make your place a bigger standout than it already is. Just a thought.

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