In Which I Take A Can of Spraypaint to Brand New, Perfectly Fine Furniture

Short, predictable post today (I excel at those)–I spray painted the Ikea-Vittsjo-desks-turned-console/sofa-table gold! Bam.


Note: this was not at all an original idea. Check out all these cool gold-painted Ikea hacks on Pinterest! So lovely. So affordable.

I sanded both the little shelves and the desks themselves before I painted them so the paint would adhere better. I’m excited about the little shelves–they were originally a black/brown and I painted them white. They’ll be perfect for holding magazines, but I want to make sure the paint dries quite hard so I’ll leave them empty for a few weeks.


The goal was to find a (cheap) sofa table that lightened the space–something airy. I think we succeeded! I love seeing the gold peek around the couch. It makes the gold frame of the seascape fit better into the room as well.


Now we’re on the hunt for a pair of matching lamps. Except that I think lamps should cost about $15 each (shade and all), and unfortunately, stores don’t really agree with me on that one. We’re having a battle of the wills. I will win.

The end.


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