Main Floor Updates

I’ve been totally slacking off lately in the photography department. My computer died and I’ve been using Kenny’s, and it’s just been easier to snap some quick photos with my phone rather than try to navigate his INCREDIBLY COMPLICATED Mac (PC girl right here!). But Kenny called me out on it, so I tidied up the house, charged the battery on my camera, and took these pics.


Plus, there are tons of little updates that we’ve done that don’t get blogged about (because: wooo, I hung up a picture!=not blogworthy though I have tried to make it so).

We love our RH dining table. There are a few little nicks on it (okay, several) from the shipping process that I’m kicking myself for not saying something about, but overall it is very sturdy and not at all fussy. We don’t usually bother with placemats or cupholders and the table is no worse for wear.


Below is a larger shot of our living room(s?). We’re finally feeling somewhat finished here, and we’ve begun using these spaces a lot more, especially since the coffee table addition.


Oh, but I still have yet to style those bookshelves. It’s been 4 months. But who’s counting?


I snapped up that fall-ish runner last year for just $.19 on Black Friday last year, using Younker’s maddening $10 off your purchase coupon. Does anyone else go a little more insane every year trying to use that darn thing? (For all non-Younker’s shoppers–the coupon has about 3,000,000 exclusions).


I’m still on the lookout for some more permanent throw pillows for those two gray chairs, and I’m thinking I need to add some pattern to the curtains. Perhaps some fabric paint is in my future.


Oh here, a better picture of those non-styled bookshelves. Take a closer look at my shame.


Our sunroom has remained largely unchanged over the summer, despite us searching high and low for several more furniture pieces to fill this out better.


Stealing the show is our backyard. Love how it looks through the sheer curtains.


Our kitchen is also much the same. I think it will be like this for another couple of years, until we can save up for a complete kitchen reno. Oh, but we have managed to break our sink faucet, so maybe a new one will happen before then. One can hope.


Also on deck: a mudroom built-in. Will (obviously) keep you posted.


Two other beloved additions include a pair of fiddle leaf fig trees (from our recent IKEA trip). Green stuff make a huge difference in how a home feels, in my opinion! Haven’t killed them yet, so: success.


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