Free Craft: House Rules

Got to do an actual crafty-craft last week! Seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve done something small like this. Since we’ve moved in, we’ve done a lot of BIG stuff, which usually means the fun little projects like this get ignored. Anyway. Remember these?


I’ve had a set of three black plastic frames like this for a Very Long Time. They hung in our old apartment but have been packed away as “not our style anymore really if we’re being honest” since we’ve moved into this house. So it was high time to give them a makeover and make them what we wanted.

So I grabbed my rub-n-buff–a gold, oil-based bit of magic in a minuscule tube that never runs out–and smeared the goop all over with my finger. I thought about doing two coats (or spray painting it), but once the first coat of rub-n-buff was on, I rather liked how the black showed through.


I’ve been hoarding this ADORABLE calender that I got for free about a year ago from Joyce Meyer Ministries (random, I know–but who can turn down a free super cute calendar? no not me) and I selected three of my favorite images from that and popped them in the frames.


The sayings on each are kind of like rules for the house:

1. You are loved incredibly.

2. Embrace the adventure.

3. Have fun today!

Yay for finally unpacking boxes and for free artwork!

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