Pair of Lamps I Could Have DIY’ed But Purchased Instead

That title about sums it up. :) I’ll try to keep it brief, but that’s difficult for me (see: length of post title). So.

We’ve been searching for a) a pair of lamps to go on our sofa table and b) a way to inject more pattern into our living room. I love lots and lots of pattern.

I also didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a pair of lamps. These lamps fit the bill:


Ironically, these are totally something that could be DIY’ed.

Step 1: build a box.

Step 2: paint the box.

Step 3: add lamp parts to the box.

Step 4: adorn the box with lampshades.

Voila! LAMP.


I found these gems at Hobby Lobby of all places. They do a good job of creating an artificial barrier between the two sides of the room.


They’re shiny, and they were on sale. What can I say? I’m blaming the cold fall weather that makes me want to curl up under a blanket with a book 100% of the time. DIY will commence this spring. :)

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