Recent Steals and Deals (Thrifted and Otherwise!)

I haven’t been posting as frequently as I normally do this month because we had to take a quick vacation to Cancun…but don’t worry, I still got in some good thrifting time! Here are some recent finds.

First: this cheese plate/cover, for $2. I’ve wanted one of these for awhile–for snacks, obvs, and to use as a cloche. Now I have to find something to put in it. Will it never end!?!


Oh hey, lets quickly examine this here tray. A bizarre-o peacock tray? I’ll take it!


This actually came from a local furniture store, not the thrift store. But since it was $4, I’m counting it. It was marked down from $79 to $8 to $4 and hails from Dwell Studio. If you’re jealous (and why wouldn’t you be?! HA.), don’t fret–you can get your own peacock tray here for a mere $155.


We also got these cardboard decorative balls from the same furniture store–I got 8 total for $1. I don’t actually know what to do with them, but I felt that all houses need some sort of weird ball decor.


But let’s get back to thrifting. I snagged this heavy glass turtle for $3.


Oh! and then I got this Target Threshold coffee table (new) at the thrift store for $30. It’s still for sale at for $129. It doesn’t really work as a coffee table in our house, so I’m currently using it as a really long end table. I haven’t decided if we’re keeping it or not, which is why the tag is still attached.


Then there was this $3 pillow (Better Homes & Garden brand). I normally stay far, FAR away from the pillow section, but this one was on the top of the pile (read: barely contaminated) and is spotless. It’s embroidered fabric (as opposed to a printed design) and I love it.


Finally, I just found this awesome lantern. With a flameless candle inside. WITH A WORKING BATTERY. (Did you catch that? Getting stuff with working batteries at the thrift store is like finding a whole dinosaur skeleton buried in your backyard: RARE).


I won’t bore you (more) with photos of the cute dip spreader and frame holder-upper thingie I got for $.25 each. You’re welcome.


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