The Last Outside Work Before We Go Into Hibernation

Since October=end of fall/beginning of winter, we were racing against the clock to finish up some exterior work on the house. We painted the trim brown, and the last painting task we had on our agenda was to paint the garage door.

Our garage door is wood, not metal, so I felt fairly confident diving right in. We used the same semi-gloss exterior paint we used for the rest of the trim and I got to work.


Covering up the last of the fleshy pink was super satisfying.


I rolled as much of the door that I could, and then I began the slow process of putting up the garage door a foot, stopping it, painting the then-exposed crack, and crawling up a ladder in the garage to paint the edges of the door.


And…I still have yet to snap a final picture, and since the leaves have all fallen and it is now about -20 degrees out, that may not happen until spring… We’re currently busy packing on the pounds in anticipation of our impending hibernation.

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