Half Bathroom: Plotting, Planning, and Sledgehammer Swinging

Just kidding about the sledgehammer swinging…so don’t get your hopes up. I just needed a third gerund. But there was demolition, so read on!

Our half bath has been on the hit list from day one. We temporarily switched out the light fixture, painted the walls, and redid the mirror, but now it’s time for the real stuff.

The plan:

  • new flooring (oh yeah, we just redid that 6 months ago too…)–we want to replace the laminate with tile
  • new vanity, sink, faucet
  • new mirror. I’m hoping to do something super sweet but will need  a professional’s help, so we’ll see about that.
  • same light, since it’s less than 6 months old
  • same toilet…20 years old and going strong!
  • new wall treatment: We’re thinking board and batten up 2/3s of the wall, with a stenciled design on top of that
  • new crown molding (DAD! I need you!)

But first comes demo. I cleaned out the cluttered cabinet and assessed the situation.


First I had to remove that tile backsplash (chisel/hammer).

Then I disconnected the hot/cold water and waste line, and I removed the sink, faucet, and countertop, which were just sitting on the vanity cabinet.

Next I had to remove some trim pieces and screws to remove the vanity from the wall. I also had to cut larger holes in the bottom of the vanity around the plumbing, but I tried to do this carefully since we were giving the vanity to a friend.


After I did that, the vanity cabinet lifted right out. Super simple! I did this all myself before Kenny came home from work.


We also removed the toilet. We’re pros…we’ve removed this toilet once before when we initially laid the laminate flooring.

Unfortunately, the backplash left the wall looking a little ragged (we’d predicted this, but hoped for better). So I’m learning drywall repair 101.


On deck: the flooring! Neither Kenny nor I have tiled anything before, so this may be an adventure. Oh, and did I mention that our budget is $1000? I *think* we can do it, but it will be close!

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