Cancun or Bust

One obvious clarification–this is not a house-related post. But if I don’t document our vacation here, these pictures will be lost in the depths of my computer, so….you’re stuck with them.

We headed to Cancun for the last week of October. It was swell.


We booked the all-inclusive resort through LuxuryLink (get $50 off at that link). So far we’re 3-for-3 with bookings through LuxuryLink–all have been great experiences.


The bathroom: HUGE.


Cancun had daylight savings time a week before we did, so our bodies were 2 hours ahead of what we were used to. So we’d get up every day at 5:30, order room service, and eat it on the balcony.P1030619

The hardest thing we had to do each day was deciding which of the resort restaurants to go to for meals. It was rough.


This is what the bulk of our schedule looked like. We were very busy.


Another hard decision–whether to swim in the infinity pool or Gulf of Mexico?


The pool usually won that toss-up. I discovered I have an irrational (or not?) fear of jellyfish. For the record, I did go in once or twice–my first time swimming in an ocean!


We alternated our reading locations between the cabanas and the hammocks.


This was the first (of hopefully many) international vacations Kenny an I will take!

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