A Roman Shade for the Kitchen (in which I plan to DIY but get suckered by a sale)

I really did plan to DIY this one, I promise. I purchased fabric and everything…back in May. Whoops.

But then I stumbled on this FANTASTIC sale at Lowes on blinds and ended up just purchasing a woven shade…and, let’s be honest–this probably looks better than anything I could sew up. :)


Doesn’t that shade look nice? It’s a bit hard to see the color since my photography skills=zero and: snow.

Anyway, the shade originally was $35 but was on clearance for $7. (Regret: I spent $8 on fabric for the project when I planned to DIY it….bummer!)

You can also see that I wrapped the cord of the pendant light in fabric. It makes it look less spindly and more textural, so that’s a win in my book.


Below you can see the color better–its a shade lighter than the dark color of our floors. I hung the shade about 6″ above the window, which makes the window (and ceilings) look taller.


If you need window shades/blinds, RUN to your local Lowes and check out the clearance–both the Grand Rapids Lowes and the Holland Lowes had a great selection in my neck of the woods (especially for windows smaller than 36″ wide).

The moral of the story: if you procrastinate long enough on a project, something better could come along. But by then it may be too late to return your initial purchase, so…the call is yours. :)


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