$4 Scrap Wood Initial

Ever since I got this antique seascape to hang over our mantle, I’ve wanted to do something modern and contemporary to pair with it…a juxtaposition of sorts. My favorite decor style is when old and new items are blended well with not too many new things and not too many old things. But until last week, our mantle has been dominated by that “old” painting.


And since I put out that plaid runner on our coffee table (just peeking out in the corner above), I’ve wanted to infuse more orange into our space. When I saw this large vintage-inspired letter from Sarah M. Dorsey, I knew I could replicate it. Sarah took hers to the next level by coating it with shiny resin, but I was content with a simpler approach.

I grabbed a piece of scrap wood, in my case, a piece of 1/2″ MDF and sketched out a letter “B” using a yardstick and a variety of circular objects (for the curves): a 5-gallon bucket, my good dishes, a kitchenaid mixer bowl, etc.


Then I grabbed my jigsaw and got to work. This took some time (30 minutes?) and cut the outline. To cut the inner parts of the “B,” I used a spade bit on my drill in the corners and then just connected the dots with my jigsaw.


As you can see, the edges needed a good sanding once I was finished.


After I had the letter cut and sanded, it was simply a matter of spraypainting it! Meijer has a surprisingly huge selection of spray paint colors, so I grabbed a cheap $3.69 can and got to work once I set up a (well-ventilated!) zone in our basement.

After it dried, I couldn’t wait to layer it on our mantle with a few early Christmas decorations!


The letter ended up being about 22″ tall, but I would have gone even bigger if I’d had a bigger scrap piece of wood.


I think my bright orange letter helps the mantle not take itself so seriously. :)

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