Half-Bath Update: Herringbone Marble Tile Floor (and Our Thrilling Thinset Adventure)

I owe you an update on our half bathroom! It no longer looks like this:


Yikes, right?! If you recall, we ripped out just about everything from the bathroom and are revamping that space with new flooring, a new vanity/sink, and a new wall treatment.

Once demo was done (it went veeeery fast in a space this tiny), it was time to start adding stuff back in! We decided on tile flooring, but first we had to prepare the plywood subfloor. Normally cement board/hardie backer/backerboard is used, but since it’s about the thickness of drywall, we wanted to try a new-to-us product called Ditra. As you can see below, it’s a flexible plastic with a fleece backing that does the same job as cement board.


The above picture is the dry-fit. Once I cut it out (with a scissors, no less! So easy!), we used thinset (modified) to adhere it to the subfloor.

Aaaaaand then we waited. For about three weeks. You see, Ditra manufacturers recommend using UNMODIFIED thinset to adhere the tile to the Ditra. AND we selected white carrera-looking marble tiles for the flooring, which means that we wanted to use WHITE (rather than the more typical gray) thinset to avoid any staining that might occur.

The hunt for WHITE, UNMODIFIED thinset was very very long. I never want to frequent another tile chatroom again. But we finally found what we were looking for and special ordered it from Menards. We then had to wait another 3 weeks for it to come in.

While we waited, I had a lot of fun unpacking and sorting through all the tiles and playing with patterns.


FINALLY the white unmodified thinset came in, and we got to work. I was the designated tile layer and Kenny manned our new $99 tile saw. We make a great team. :)


It took us 3 separate evenings to fully tile the 21 square feet. Quick tilers we are not. :)


Here’s what it looked like once we had finished laying the tile! Looking at this picture makes the OCD in me freak out a bit about all the gray tiles clustered on the right, but it’s WAY less visible in person. You’ll have to come over and see for yourself.


Now we’re tracking down a threshold (slash…we have an idea we may be able to make work?) and planning a romantic evening of grouting.

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