Our Free Threshold and the Best Tool in My Arsenal

After we tiled and grouted our half bathroom, we had to figure out how to bridge the Very Ugly Gap between the laminate flooring and the new tile (see it in the photo below). To complicate matters, the tile was about 3/16″ higher than the laminate flooring. To FURTHER complicate matters, the T-molding we needed from Home Depot that we would have used was out of stock, both in store and online, with no restock date available. Cue the panic attack!


I could not wait an indeterminate amount of time, so I had to get creative. Hang with me now. This gets good.

See that step up into the hallway in the photo below? We had to install a bullnose edge to finish the laminate there (so you couldn’t see the raw edges of the laminate).


We had about 30″ extra of this bullnose. Here’s what the profile of it looks like:


So I used my Dremel and sliced off that bullnose to create some T-molding, like this:


What do you know?! It worked! And was FREE! My favorite. No more ugly gap!


The best tool in my aresenal? Ingenuity! Well, it’s either that or “hoarder tendencies.” I saved $25 by getting a little creative with something we had on hand. Love that!

EDITED TO ADD: Irony of ironies, I just checked and the T-molding is back in stock at Home Depot. Good heavens. But then, what would I have blogged about? #goingdownhillfast ;)

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