Bathroom Board and Batten

I’ve been hard at work lately trimming out the bathroom! I decided on simple baseboard with board and batten going about 60″ up the wall.

First came the baseboard. Don’t judge the gaps…caulk will cover those!


Next I started “outlining” the board/batten area. For this I used a 4’x8′ sheet of 1/2″ MDF that Kenny and I ripped down to 3.5″ strips.


…and more outlining. Once I got this finished, it was time to fill it in…but figuring out how to space each middle board was no easy feat. Lots of mathematical equations had to be done, much to my chagrin. It was like a real-world word problem. Boooo.


This is roughly the pattern I decided on. It was looking pretty dark and heavy with the unpainted boards at this point, which made the already tiny bathroom feel even tinier. But I pressed ahead.


Once I had…most…of the boards up (including the rim board at the top), I caulked and spackled and caulked and spackled. You’ll notice I didn’t finish that back wall’s board and batten up yet (on the right in the picture below)–that will happen after we put the toilet back in, which will happen once I get this section of board and batten primed and painted. The other half of the bathroom, where the vanity is, is on a similar hiatus. I don’t want to put up the board and batten up until I get the vanity and sink in so I can really see what I’m working with. :)


As soon as I started priming, things started feeling MUCH better–nice and airy (well, as much as a 30″ wide space can feel!).


At last count, I’m at 4 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint (not yet pictured)…and I’ll need to do at least another coat of paint yet. Let’s just say I’m learning my lesson about purchasing cheap paint. You get what you pay for. ;)

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