Styling the Shelves PLUS A GIF OMG

It’s been, oh, about six months since I got these World Market bookshelves at the thrift store. So it’s high time I got around to actually styling them, instead of just setting a bunch of stuff on them.


If the gif above is not working for you, here’s a pic of what the bookshelves have looked like, more or less. It is very dark, because I like to choose the worst possible time to take pictures like midnight or high noon.


Anyway, I was feeling that they were a bit busy with 6! shelves, so I opted to take out every other one. Now they are just busy in a completely different way.


Here are some closeups of my favorite shelf arrangements, because I’m sure you have nothing better to do than to gaze upon my stuff. ;)


I love color. I also love thrift stores. Both are evident in these vignettes.


The ceramic giraffe below IS new, thanks for noticing! He was just $2 from a thrift store.


That’s about it. Oh! Why did I use up an hour of my time this way? Because this pin. So pretty. And PS: happy new year. Embrace a fresh start!

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