Thrift Score Thursday

Every couple of weeks I realize I’m busting at the gills to tell someone–anyone–about my recent thrift store finds. So please listen. This blog (and you by extension) serves many purposes, one of which is as my psychologist. :)

(nestles down onto therapy couch)

Here we go.

I’ve been on a floral kick lately (though, I AM very picky) and these called to me hard. They are both about 12″ tall, solid brass, with curved glass over the floral prints.


The colors are pretty swell, and at $4 each, I made them mine. Ken had no comment but I interpret that to mean he loves them.


Less vintage-y but still exciting: this $5.55 towel ring. We’re going with polished chrome fixtures in the half bath, so I’ve been on the lookout for shiny accessories. This is actually Target salvage, though I’m not sure why it got sent to the thrift store–its still for sale at my local target for $19.99.


Another Target salvage: this framed watercolor print for $10. It’s large…18″x18″. There are about 20 places in the house I want to hang it, which of course means that it will remain unhung for the next several months while I try to decide.


Last–and yes, there can be a collective freak-out over this gem–is this INCREDIBLE BRASS LAMP. It is very shiny and very large and in very good shape (not counting the lack of shade) and I couldn’t say no for $8. Brass is back, y’all, and when I told the cashier at the thrift store that, she laughed and told me that she had actually donated the lamp and had originally purchased it in California. I should have interrogated her for more back story, but I was too afraid she’d change her mind so I threw my dolla dolla billz at her and fled the scene rather quickly.


THE END. Phwew.


  • Tell Menards that “brass is back!” sigh. I wanted a new brass towel bar. Not ONE available in their store…double sigh. Love the finds! Keep up the great thrifting!

  • psst— if you instagram and hastag your finds #thriftscorethursday they could be featured in a round up (or, you can submit an application to be a cohost of a thrift score thursday post). Check out For My Love Of, The Gathered Home, and Black and White Obession for their thrif score link party :)

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