Vanity of Vanities

I know I distracted you all with pictures of our new mudroom bench project on Monday, but let’s focus on the bathroom again, shall we?

Let’s talk about the vanity–an IKEA Hemnes vanity we picked up in September. They were out of the white version and only had the black/brown version, but that didn’t matter–the plan was to paint it. So, before we assembled the vanity, we sanded each part that would be visible and primed it with some spray primer.


Then we spray painted it with our color: MINT! Spray paint (oil-based) was the way to go for this project–it was VERY easy to use and will be a more durable finish than latex paint. I used Minwax furniture wax to really harden up the finish, and even I was impressed–the end result was just like a factory finish.

Then we assembled the vanity and stuck it into the bathroom.


We then realized we had a problem: Our existing plumbing looked like this:


Oh, you don’t see the problem? Here’s a better picture:


See the silver drawer slides? That’s how far the vanity’s drawers go back. Or they would if the plumbing was not in the way…

But we pressed ahead installed our IKEA ODENSVIK sink. It fit PERFECTLY into our little nook, so I went ahead and installed our Grohe faucet ($300 MSRP, but we snagged it for just $134 from a local outlet!). Things were going well…


…but then I went to attach the supply lines and they were about 3 inches too short.


It was time to call in Dad. Heroically, he came in and rerouted all of the plumbing (both the PVC waste line AND the copper hot/cold supply lines)!


Now the faucet works perfectly AND the drawers close like they should. Thank goodness for dads!


Admittedly, the mint vanity looks a little crazy in here because of the Palladian Blue walls that are a VERY similar shade….but the walls will be painted a more neutral color, don’t worry. And we’re still looking for knobs for the vanity; the blue masking tape pulls will not be permanent.

Once we get a mirror in here, I can finish the board and batten, we can finish painting everything and reinstall the door and then…we’ll be finished? Or we can decide at the 11th hour to stencil or wallpaper the upper walls, replace the fan with a fan/light combo, and install crown molding…

We may never be finished. But we’re having fun, so that’s what counts, right? ;)

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