Mudroom Built-In: The One With the Upper Cabinets

When Kenny and I began our mudroom project last week, we fully expected that there would be a few phases to the project: we’d build the bench first, and then, a few months later, we’d work up the courage to try to hang the upper cabinets. And then once we recovered from that for a few more months (because it would DEFINITELY have been an ordeal), we’d get around to fully building/trimming it all out.

That was not the case, as my dad (farmer extraordinaire, former finish carpenter, and all-around superhero) popped over last Saturday afternoon and hung up the cabinets in about 10 minutes flat. He used to install high-end kitchens professionally, which is a good skill for a Dad to have. You know.

Cabinet 1 went up:


Cabinet 2 went up:


…and cabinet 4 went up. See? He was so fast I couldn’t even snap a pic of cabinet 3 going up.


Yay for dads!


We got these cabinets (6 total–4 up top and 2 in the bench) at a local kitchen and bath outlet for $220. Now, the plan is to connect the upper cabinets with the bench and add some hooks, crown molding (YIKES), and cabinet hardware. BOOM. Mudroom built-in for $250.


    • Hi, Kristin–welcome! The upper cabinets are 18″ tall and 30″ wide (we doubled them up and side by side as you can see for a total of 4 upper cabinets). Bottom cabinets are 15″ tall and 30″ wide. Hope that helps!

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