Mudroom Built-In: The One With the Middle Section (With Bonus Schedule and Budget Info!)

If you’re new here, let me catch you up: we were halfway through our bathroom renovation when we got bored and decided to build an epic mudroom built-in. I built a bench, and then my Dad helped us hang the upper cabinets. And then we were here:


You can see we put up a board along the far wall before Dad hung the cabinets, and from there, it was just a matter of filling things in. I used the same board and batten pattern I used for the nearby half-bath.


Then Kenny helped me cut and place the giant board in the foreground. We attached it to the bench using pocket holes. It’s not going anywhere.


Then I spackled, caulked, sanded, and got to work with my paintbrush. Here’s how things were looking after a coat of primer:


After 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint (yes, I’m using some stupid cheap paint), here’s where we landed.


Now we just have to finish that area above the cabinets (long term plan: crown molding) and add cabinet knobs and hooks.


I keep having to restrain myself from packing this built-in with our mittens prematurely. There will be so much more storage space than what we had! And considering we got to this point less than 2 weeks after we started, I’m feeling pretty awesome about this project. Here’s a general timeline and budget:

  • 3 months ago: find great deal on cabinets; pull trigger; pack 6 cabinets and 2 adults in Ford Fusion. Survive.
  • Day 1: Decide to get to work, buy wood from Home Depot, and build frame for bench cabinets to sit on
  • Day 2: Sunday=day of rest
  • Day 3: Attempt moving outlet up. Have emotional breakdown but eventually succeed. Stress eat a lot of chocolate afterward.
  • Day 4-6: Build out, paint, and stain bench.
  • Day 7: Superhero dad swoops in and installs upper cabinets in about 10 minutes.
  • Day 8: Sunday
  • Day 9: Connect upper cabs to bench with board and batten and side boards.
  • Day 10-11: Spackle, caulk, sand, and paint paint paint! Become BFFs with Spotify.

Our current budget for this project if you’re interested in doing something similar:

  • $40 (wood)
  • $220 (cabinets)
  • $0 (things we already had–paint, stain, caulk, spackle, nails, screws, etc.)

Total: $280

Next post: the reveal? Gotta get my rear in gear to finish this one off! (am I the only one who gets 90% done with a project and have trouble finishing the final 10%?!)


  • Looking good! Thanks for including the timeline. I think that’s really helpful to see how long it takes to do. I’m also one that get about 90% of the way done and then it’s such a chore to finish. Seems backwards! :)

    • I’m always curious how long other DIYers take on their projects, so I thought I’d include our experience this time. And I’m happy to hear I’m not the only slow finisher! ;)

      • Just found you via thriftydecorchick. My hubs and I have gutted our kitchen completely. We’ve built cabinets from scratch, installed hardwoods, replaced a bunch of drywall, rewired electrical, plumbing, replaced appliances, had marble counters installed and we have just seemed to loose our mojo. LOL
        We still have backsplash, moldings and a few other details to get finished. The initial part took about 3-4 months. Now we are just dragging completing the rest. I’m glad to see someone be able to knock out a great space like this. It looks amazing!!! Now to go search your site and find out where the cabinets came form.

        • Wow, you’ve been busy! I always say it’s the last 5% of the project that is the hardest to finish up. :) Cabinets are from a local outlet here in Grand Rapids.

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