The Basement: Before and Way Before and Way Way Before

One of the reasons we purchased our house last March was because of the huge multipurpose room that was in the basement which, when we moved in, looked like this:


‘Twas a super awesome blank slate, right? Here’s what we did with it:



Oops. We stuck our TV and TV stand down there, along with Kenny’s old slipcovered (plaid) couch and sort of just let things accumulate.


We never once spent any time down here recreationally…in fact, the only people who actually have used the TV in the past 10 months were Kenny’s parents, once, when they were visiting and the Master’s was on.

But Kenny and I finally had enough, so we spent an evening simply tidying up, which produced what I am calling our “before” pictures.


The room is big enough to be split into a seating area and a dining/game table area.

Here’s the “before” of the seating area. We’d like to build in a game/tech closet in that weird nook there (it’s the fireplace area on the floor above).


Here’s the view looking back towards the stairs. There are three windows in the space, and they all have beige vertical blinds in them. We’ll get around to changing them at some point.


We’re also planning on building a kitchenette (cabinets only) along that map wall, repainting, and updating all of the light fixtures. Furniture isn’t a huge priority down here especially since we rarely use the space, but maybe if we got a sectional we’d use the space more?


One of the hardest things we’ll have to work around is the number of weird bulkheads on the ceiling, some of which you can see in the picture above. I definitely want to knock them all out asap, but they are obviously there for a reason. Another thing we’re contemplating is adding a bedroom (WAY) down the road down here, so who knows where we’ll end up? But it will be nice to have these “before” pictures to look back upon.

Now, who has great basement ideas pinned on Pinterest? I’m in the market–send me your links!


    • Yes! Wow, you have a great memory. We sold it a few months after we moved in after not having used it at all…but now we are kicking ourselves because it just fit the space so perfectly! #hindsight

  • All I can think of when I see that red sectional is Clifford the big red dog. Not going to lie… I probably would have sold it too. But I do love sectionals. Ours is so great for entertaining. I vote yes on eventually getting another one down there!

  • You have a lovely, blank slate. Trust me, it is so much nicer to start with a finished basement that you only need to redecorate. My husband and I are slowly embarking on finishing our unfinished basement. We are in our seventh year of “finishing”. We have barely made any progress, so I am a wee bit jealous of your starting point and before photos. Good luck to you!

    • Oooh, yes, good point–we definitely did get lucky! Our washer/dryer is in the unfinished side of the basement. We want to finish out a room, but there are SO many things to consider!

  • If you ever have kids living in this house, that will be the perfect playroom! We finished a room in our basement mainly for that purpose. It is definitely not picture perfect, but now it gets used all the time!

    • Oh yes, it will be a great space for play! We definitely need to keep any improvements we make with that in mind…don’t want things to get too precious down there.

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