The Mudroom Built-In Project Reveal


I get excited a lot here on my blog.

It’s a thing.

And today I am beyond excited–perhaps the most excited? about a post on my blog.

But before I can allow you to read on, I have to make sure you’re all caught up first.

Kenny and I (but mostly I) built a mudroom locker/built-in/awesome cabinet. Which lead to a full-fledged mudroom makeover–crown molding and everything (YES). When we moved in to this house about 10 months ago, the room looked like this:


The room was begging for a built-in.

We purchased a bunch of cabinets a few months ago, planning on someday building this thing, but then 3 weeks ago Saturday, we decided to jump in headfirst. We sketched out a rough plan on the back of an envelope, got some wood, and started building a bench that very day. And then my dad came over and hung the upper cabinets in 10 seconds flat. And then I nailed up some board and batten in the middle area and slathered on the paint.

This is where I left you last time:


We were pretty excited about that…excited enough to take a timer picture late one night. Which I will now share with the world:


You’re welcome, world.


Since we were on a roll, we kept going.

We hung crown molding

…and caulked and sanded and painted and caulked and sanded and painted…

We painted the ceiling!

We painted the walls!

It was all very exciting (about 1% of the time).


But then. THEN. offered to sponsor me and asked what products I could use from their site. Which was OBVIOUSLY very incredible and was the most perfect timing.

I needed hooks and knobs to finish this thing off.

These are not the type of thing I like to go to a big box store for (limited selection, boring products, hardware that everyone else has), so was a great solution. Plus, I’d rather shop online for hardware.

Call me crazy, but I’d rather let the internet sort through thousands of sweet items to find exactly what size/color/shape I’m looking for rather than manually have to look at each piece of hardware in the store. has a great filter on their website so you can sort through literally thousands of pieces of hardware in seconds.

I ended up choosing 8 of these Liberty Hardware hooks (only $4 each!):


…and splurged on these octagonal chrome knobs ($5.76 each):


…which got us to this point. All that was left was to do some final paint touch-ups and accessorize.


Which we did. BAM.


This was obviously the most fun (and least messy) part. Here’s a side-by-side from when we started to today.

$300 Mudroom Makeover

The curtains and pink pillow (formerly a placemat) are from World Market; the sheers, curtain hardware, and black and white pillow are from Ikea. Coat is from my closet.


Since there are eight hooks, I guess that means Kenny and I can have 6 kids?


Let’s just say we now have enough storage space for a lot of little mittens. ;)


The last final items we’re still looking for are a rug (that won’t show dirt and is 4′ x 5.5′–tall order) and a mirror to go opposite the teal door (to check for spinach teeth, duh).


But we’re still pretty pleased at how this turned out. Final budget was around $300, but that may not be completely accurate for everyone since we had a lot of the materials on hand (paint, stain, crown molding, caulk, etc.). We think it’s a good investment into the house and for our lives.

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