Half-Bath Reveal: Mint Vanity, Navy Walls, and More, Oh My!


We are like 95% finished with our half-bath remodel. We may never finish the last 5% (that’s how it normally goes at our house, so I’m not holding my breath).

And since you have just been clamoring* for pics, I will indulge.

*and by clamoring I mean that one person may have politely asked how things were going at one point.

Here we go.


It is very hard to fit this tiny 24 square foot space in the frame of the camera, but I tried my darndest.

When we bought the house, this bathroom looked like this:


It was fine, and tons of people commented on the bowl sink and fancy faucet, but it wasn’t really our style. So one night after work, I ripped out the vanity, gave it to a friend, and we eventually bought a new vanity and sink (Hemnes and Odensvik) from Ikea. We then spray-painted the vanity a glorious mint.


I’m pretty in love with how much this 2-drawer vanity holds–it feels way more spacious than our former vanity cabinet that was actually larger–the space is just more accessible in this one.


We installed a marble tile floor in a herringbone pattern.


I also installed board and batten along the walls.


We splurged on a Grohe faucet from a local kitchen and bath outlet for $134 (MSRP: $299 or something crazy, though!). It’s super luxe feeling and I think it’s one of my favorite things in this bathroom.


I had initially wanted to install a frameless mirror up to the ceiling and we even a glass company come out and measure for an estimate, but 4 weeks and counting and they still have not called us back with that estimate…so we found an awesome wood mirror from World Market for just $72.

I painted the upper walls in a dark navy (Glidden, color matched to Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue). It was a risk for sure–small spaces can feel smaller with such dark paint! But since we had covered 2/3s of the wall with the white board and batten, we went for it and it paid off. The space feels super dramatic. However, I still have to roll on another coat of paint–you can see in may of these pics that the paint still looks pretty blotchy since I just used a paintbrush for the first two coats.


We kept the same toilet, since it works just fine. Plus, purchasing a toilet is not on my list of favorite things to do… ;)

The artwork is thrifted, but it is Target’s Threshold brand. We love how the wood stain matches the wood stain of the mirror.


Oh, and I had to throw in this vertigo-inducing picture for fun (below)–and because this is one of the only pictures that I could take of the crown molding I installed! The crown was a game-changer in here for sure–it does a great job of drawing your eye up and makes you forget just how cramped this space really is.


We’d LOVE to eventually change out that fan for a fan/light combo, but we’ve had trouble finding one that would fit the current fan hole (and would we have to rewire the room somehow?). Perhaps someday.

You know I love a good side-by-side before and after:Half bath before and after!

Our goal was to keep this remodel under $1000. Here’s a rundown of how we did:

Marble tile floor and supplies: $300

Ikea vanity and sink and paint: $275

Vanity hardware (Hobby Lobby): $7

Towel ring (Threshold brand, thrifted): $6

Toilet paper holder: $8

Grohe faucet: $134

Board and batten and paint: $50? (had a lot of supplies on-hand)

Crown molding and ceiling paint: $40 (had this on hand too)

World Market mirror: $72

Watercolor artwork (thrifted): $10

Light fixture: $80

TOTAL: $982…Wooo! Just made it.


We actually have one very important thing left to do (other than one last coat of navy paint)–did you notice? We need to rehang the door! Possibly the most important part of the whole renovation. ;)


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