My Favorite Frugal Way to Acquire New Throw Pillows

I have an unhealthy addiction to throw pillows.

But thankfully, this bad habit has yet to break the bank…so it’s all good then, right?

My favorite way to get new throw pillows? Is by purchasing placemats.


This particular placemat leapt into my cart in Target. When looking for placemats to turn into pillows, make sure they are the type made up of two rectangles of fabric. Clearance pricing also doesn’t hurt.


Choose the most inconspicuous corner, undo the seam, stuff (I use the stuffing from old throw or bed pillows), and then slip-stitch (blind stitch)  it closed.


Finally, fluff and take glamourpics.


Now I have to redecorate my whole living room around the colors in this “pillow.” Shucks! #opposite

Anyone else finding inspiration in unorthodox places?


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