Mudroom Rug: In Which We Give Up and Let Winter Win

We used to have the cutest little rug in our mudroom. It was so sweet and pretty. It was gray with a delicate little white pattern overlaid over it.

And then winter happened.

The sweet little (light-colored) rug did not fare so well under our salty/slushy/muddy boots. I will spare you the photo. The poor thing got banished to the garage and we threw up our hands and began rug hunting anew.

We ended up with this $63 Vera rug from Joss and Main.


We set our standards super high, which made finding the perfect rug tricky. Our criteria? Dark colored (to hide dirt) but not too dark (to hide salt stains), low pile/not precious feeling, 4′ by 5′ 6″, and affordable.


The “worn out” (read: pretend vintage) pattern in this rug should be perfect for our Michigan winters…although it kind of feels like purchasing distressed denim, you know? ;)

This rug hits our half-bathroom doorway awkwardly, but there was no way to avoid it (we tried…see: dainty rug story above). So we’re choosing to embrace it.


I am pretty proud of the fact that this rug and my $15 thrifted kitchen rug look pretty good together since the styles are similar. Although that rug is ACTUALLY vintage–it’s not a poser like this gray rug.

Well, enough of winter already. I quickly snapped this shot of the storage in our mudroom bench…along with some summer shoes I haven’t worn in months. I get all nostalgic looking at this picture… “Remember that time boots weren’t mandatory?”


That pink pillow in the picture above? It used to be a placemat! Click here for my very* exciting placemat to pillow formula.


Many thanks to Thrifty Decor Chick for featuring my mudroom the other day! And if you’re new around here, welcome! I’ll admit I kind of have a bit of stage fright looking at my stats page and seeing that people other than just my mom and best friend are reading. GULP.


But hopefully it will be business around here as usual, despite my new-found fame (HA. HAHA.). We are elbow-deep in dust from our stairway railing project. A quick summary: fill holes. Sand holes. Paint. Fill holes we missed. Sand holes. Paint some more. And so on, and so forth. But I created a deadline for myself in that I agreed to host a game night….so it MUST be finished SOON. Probably. Possibly.

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  • Haha! Well, I am a new reader (and probably not your mom, just guessing) – Loving your blog/style/writing! Don’t get too famous though and start typing all boring with no humor… ;)

  • I am a new follower of your blog and love your style. Love the mudroom makeover and what a bummer about your rug but the replacement is really nice. So I was at Target yesterday and found a placemat for a $1.49 and will be turning it into a very cute pillow on this fabulous snow day. Thanks for the inspiration.

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