Upstairs 1-Year Later: A Shocking Expose!

The last pictures I shared of our three upstairs bedrooms (not counting the master) were taken on the day we moved into the house. Today, I finally have an update for you! This is going to be fairly thrilling, so… yay!

Long story short: We have made no updates (NONE, zero) to our second floor. We moved stuff in and plopped stuff down. I will now show you just how we plopped stuff down. (Yes, I know. I know. Next up: a post on how we shoveled the driveway! or how we swept the floor! or something equally mundane!)

Here is our upstairs. The stairs are on the right. Let’s first explore the room on the left in the picture below.


This room has come to be known as the “craft room.” Have I actually done any crafts in here? No. But I do store some of my craft things in here, so it gets the moniker.


The sole piece of furniture in the room is a desk. There is also a window that looks out onto our backyard (it’s directly above our deck).


I store my craft supplies in that closet, and in theory I could do projects on the desk. If I had a chair. Note to self: find chair.


Here is the pinworthiness that is the “craft closet.” This stuff (and a TON of other stuff) lived in our linen closet in our old apartment. Oh man. Remember our apartment? #nostalgia


Let’s move over to the next room, which has come to be known as the “guest room.” And guess what? We’ve actually had two guests stay here, so that is a legitimately-earned name!


However: true confession time. We had to tell our first guest, Kenny’s brother Kevin, to BYOB…bring your own bed.


So he did, and left it for now. Along with his sheets, bed pillows, comforter, and blanket. I can really take no credit here. EXCEPT FOR THE THROW PILLOWS. Those are all me. I’m of the mindset that if our guests don’t have to dig through a pile of pillows to actually find the bed, that we’re not doing it right.

The closet is at the end of the bed and holds all the things we want to sell in a garage sale but I keep giving stuff away from there, so the garage sale may happen in like 10 years but don’t hold your breath.


Now let’s turn to the smallest bedroom. Our master is right next to this room–thus the cathedral ceilings. The window looks out directly onto the lake–it’s the best view in the house, really.


Oh, but the picture above is not entirely truthful…here’s what the other side of the room is looking like.


Last but not least, here’s our semi-organized (phwew!) linen closet right outside the guest room.


So there you have it–the tour of our second floor! It’s been nice to have so much extra space to s.l.o.w.l.y fill. It’s also fun to think of what these rooms may become in the future!

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