Art & Color for the Kitchen

Now that we’re a year into this house, were finally hanging things on the walls and figuring out some of the quirks of our home.

One thing that I didn’t anticipate was how hard it would be to add color into our kitchen! I don’t like to keep anything (other than our knife block) on the counters and I prefer to keep the refrigerator magnet-free, so that limits color to a towel (usually hanging on the stove) and this tiny corner where we could fit a tiny piece of art on the wall.


This is one of my very favorite DIY pieces. You can see the original post here.


It adds a nice little dose of color without looking too out of place. Plus, now I get to look at it every day and we are *that* much closer to emptying all of our moving boxes! Ha. Slowwwwly, now–easy does it. It’s only been a year, after all.


Anyone else have a favorite piece of artwork hanging in your house? It’s possible not everyone is as narcissistic as I am…I’m just realizing I devoted an entire post to hanging up a piece of art on the walls…my own art… Ha. :)


  • My favorite thing on the wall (my mom’s wall, actually) is a 5,000 piece framed puzzle that took us 10 1/2 months to do together.

    • I think I saw a picture of that–did you post it on your Facebook page? That was incredible! What an accomplishment. Lotsa memories associated with it too, I’m sure!

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