Craft-Explosion Spring Mantle

Finally took down the Christmas tree collection from the mantle and had to replace it with something, so I give you: a craftsplosion! It feels springier, but doesn’t take itself too seriously.


The $20 seascape stays, of course. The rest were things I’ve been hoarding.


I had lots of doilies in embroidery hoops left over from our apartment bedroom, so I threw those up there with some picture frames and other miscellaneous knickknacks and called it a day.


We spend a lot of time in here, so it’s a great feeling to have this room feel mostly *finished.* We closed up the sunroom for the winter (it’s badly insulated), so this is where we hang out.

And, because I like feeling like I’ve accomplished something more than just setting things on a shelf, I’ll throw in a pic from when we moved in:


We’ve come a long way, baby!


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