Fresh and Clean: Basement Edition

Guys, I have discovered my new favorite gray paint color and am now in the process of PAINTING ALL THE THINGS. Life-changing stuff, you know.

That color? is Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. It was in the running for the main floor but got pushed out by BM Gray Owl. But we wanted something a little more beige-y for the basement (to not clash with the ever-so-slightly peach-ish carpet) so it is finally getting its turn in the spotlight.

Here’s a never-before seen perspective of the fresh coat as you look down the stairs.


We uninstalled the handrail on the day we moved in to fit some furniture down the steps more easily and it remains off for reasons I will explain momentarily.

Here’s the view looking  back at the stairs. You can see that the ceiling down here is a wild configuration of randomly-sized bulkheads. I really love that (#opposite) but that is the nature of a builder-grade basement. I’m just glad it’s finished at all.


You can see Restoration Hardware table #2 in the pics above and below. We’re not sure if they’re going to ask for it back? or come pick it up? or let us figure out what to do with it? so here it lies. This is why we haven’t replaced the handrail…because this behemoth of a table will need to come back UP from the basement at some point.


Below is the same shot but in beige. It doesn’t look a ton different in pictures, but in real life the gray makes a WORLD of difference–it feels much more clean and fresh down here (See more before pics here).


Here’s the little TV area we’ve set up but never use. Note: I did turn on the local news (no cable here) for some background noise as I painted and you know what? we are missing nothing. Oh, and allll of the lights down here are on my hit list. Or at least the spray-paint-asap list.


And one last view of the seating area. We’d like to eventually enclose that nook into a media/game closet–seems pretty logical, huh?


But really, I’ll just be happy if we can keep this space this clean(ish) for the near future. What is it about basements becoming dumping grounds for everything? Hm.

Anyone else doing some spring painting (I blame it on the almost-warm-but-not-quite weather)? Warning: this isn’t the only space that’s gotten hit by my paintbrush recently. Stay tuned for the thrilling* sequel.



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