Oh Hi!

Remember me? This has been the longest blog break I’ve been on since, oh, 2012? I’ve just been too busy living life to blog.

But I’m back! Just gotta find time to write some stuff down and upload some pics. Amazing how such a small thing can take up so much time (at least mentally).

Anyway, Ken and I are great. We are currently doing a no-spend month (we did this last in February 2014 right before we moved into our house). This time, we’re including food in the “no spending” (we obviously still tithe and buy gas and pay or mortgage and stuff). It’s been pretty easy up until now, since we’ve had a well stocked pantry and freezer, but we’re having to get a wee bit more creative of late (we’re out of things like yeast and bbq sauce and other things that are ESSENTIAL to my life). Here are some other highlights:

  • We got a prescription filled and paid just $1.52 after insurance…and got a $20 Meijer coupon. #chaching!
  • We did break down and purchase juice ($.50) and laundry detergent ($1.68) because I had great coupons that were going to expire.
  • We also spent $230 on 10 CUBIC YARDS of mulch. GUYS THAT IS A WHOLE TRUCKLOAD. We used it all, too. It was quite the day, spreading that. (We figured we’d have to do it at some point this spring, so we jumped at the forecast of the first good weekend).
  • I haven’t purchased patio furniture. I just can’t bring myself to spend that much! I may look for after season sales. Or embrace the blanket/picnic trend for the rest of my life.
  • We haven’t gone out to eat or get take out at all this month. This is an area of the budget that we needed to get under control.
  • I haven’t set foot in a thrift store all month. #sniffle
  • The library is our BFF.
  • We are 1-2 days away from running out of BOTH toothpaste and soap. Jury is out if we will break down and purchase some. (KIDDING)

Other than that, our spending has been rather light…woo!

Oh, WHY are we doing this? No, we are not destitute. We just want to sock some extra moolah in the ol’ 401k this month. #partyanimals And because it is a fun challenge and helps us reevaluate our spending–see what actually is important/what we need and what we don’t miss. Not to mention, not spending money on food has helped us eat down some of the things that have been lingering in the cupboards.

We’ve had a lot more time on our hands (since we haven’t been shopping or looking for ways to spend our money) and our house is pretty organized. It’s been good! But there are just some times when we just really really want to cut loose and go nuts…but we don’t. :) Self-control for the win!

What have you been up to? Anyone else as crazy as us?

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  • Have you looked at Habitat Restore for patio furniture? Ours always has nice, mostly new, donated items to them every spring.

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