Craft Room Refresh (in which I discover that there is such a thing as too much gray)

In our first year here, we hadn’t really begun to touch any rooms upstairs, but that’s all begun to change. Ironically…in one of the rooms we rarely use and do not have immediate plans to use: the craft room. Ha! Isn’t that the way it goes?

It was a pretty nondescript room when we moved in.


Beige walls, white trim, multicolored/creamy carpet. Nothing offensive.


But what you don’t see in these pictures are the hooks, anchors, and nail holes in these walls. Here’s a sample:


So I did a bunch of patching and sanding and patching and sanding. It was all very glamorous, of course.

And then I painted (Ben Moore’s Revere Pewter, like the basement).


The new gray makes the beige look way worse than it actually was. :)

I only had to do one coat (carefully) because the colors are pretty similar.


Then I turned my attention towards the window, which only sported a saggy hex-type blind. The window overlooks our deck and the corner of the lake. You can see the sunroom roof out this window as well.


We had scored this bamboo roman blind from Lowes a few months ago for a mere $6. It’s the same size and brand as the one I installed in our kitchen.

You can see I hung it about 6 inches above the trim. This gives the illusion of a larger window. And…I left the saggy blind. If we use it, great! If not, no one can see it. Heh.


Then I hung some old Ikea curtains from our apartment, and they were all wrong.


You can see that the weight of the fabric is a bit too light and breezy, and yes, there is WAY too much gray goin’ on in here. Never thought I’d say that. BUT–I hung the curtains high and wide, and it does add to the illusion of a much larger window, doesn’t it?

We’ll get new curtains eventually (like perhaps once we actually plan to use this room?), but it’s a great feeling to have perfectly smooth walls and a fresh coat of paint in here in the meantime.

The best part? This was a (sort of) free upgrade, in that we had all the supplies on hand: paint, blind, curtain rod, and curtains! BOOM. Check it off the list. Bedroom 1 of 4: done-ish.

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