What 10 Cubic Yards of Mulch Looks Like

I told my coworker Ruth that one of the reasons I took a bloggy break was because we haven’t done much to the house lately other than spread mulch…which is pretty boring to blog about.


Here I am anyway, blogging about mulch. We can pretend this is so future me can remember how much mulch to order next time around, but we all know it’s really just an elaborate plot for me to ramble on, thinking I have a rapt audience.

But hey. My blog, my rules…?

We got away without mulching last year but I did a LOT of weeding. So this year, we knew mulch was a must. Neither Kenny or I knew how much we needed, so we just decided to go with the largest amount our local nursery offered: 10 cubic yards, or a full truck.*

*Note: I do not recommend this flippant guesstimation to the average suburbanite. Please do your due diligence and actually measure.


26-year-old me still gets excited about large trucks.

This is the pile o’ mulch. It was about 1.5 times the size of my Ford Fusion.


This pile (including delivery) cost us a cool $230. Ouchie. But a less-weedy yard is a noble cause, yes?

Thankfully, we hit the timing just right weather-wise and spread the mulch on a 70 degree Saturday. Ken manned the wheelbarrow whilst I wielded the rake.


The bed above is looking a little sparse since last year we tugged out a 6′ shrub. We planted new bushes (privet) but they haven’t leafed out yet so they are pretty much invisible.

But I did plant a ton of daffodil and tulip bulbs last year and it is PAYING OFF BIG TIME.


I see why crazy flower people turn into crazy flower people now.

Search and find sidenote: Can you see the lake in the pic above?

Our whole house is basically surrounded by beds.


In fact, yes, the whole house IS surrounded by beds, now that I think about it. Except for in front of the garage. That’s a lotta mulch. And this isn’t even the half of it.


There are also two beds on either side of our concrete spillway/creek thingie. In the pic below, our firepit is right behind me.


The bench is being eaten by an ENORMOUS lilac bush. <3


Much of our lakefront is also rimmed by beds (and now rocks…we dug them out of the lake since they were being pretty ineffective in there).


We used all 10 yards of mulch and only had about 4 wheelbarrows to spare (which we gladly laid over some areas that had only gotten thin applications).

Next up on the outdoor list: tackling these little pathways. There is weed block material, and there are stones, but mainly there are just weeds. I’m gonna need to dig this all out and redo the weedblock/stone situation.


It’s a good thing “puttering” is my new favorite thing. Now, if only I had a summer break…


  • I still remember one year when we were living in our house when we got 14 yards so I can sympathize. Now that we are in a condo, we just watch somebody else spread it for us every year. Love that since I’m not as young as I used to be!

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