Vintage Frame Chalkboard-y Goodness: Better Late than Never

I realize I am about a decade late to the chalkboard trend. But actually, 10 years behind is about par for the course with me… I only just learned how to do my makeup semi-well and still wear bell bottoms. And what is this “face book” they speak of? ;)

I had this sweet frame with a cheapo print in it. I’ve had it for several years, but it’s never been hung anywhere we’ve lived. Oops. I think it was $6 originally, and it’s quite large, probably 2′ x 3′. The frame is super sturdy too, which you don’t always find with vintage frames…ask me how I know.


Since I had yet to ever actually hang it anywhere, I figured it was due for a makeover. Enter this chalkboard contact paper, that I’ve also had for years and never used (sensing a theme? why yes, my closets are a nightmare).


I slapped that contact paper all over that print. I needed about 12 hands, which is why there is no progress pic.

The frame also needed a facelift, particularly this velvety inner frame that was a dirty cream color. I painted it a crisp white.


Then I tackled the outer navy border of the frame. I had no problems with the color, but when I put the chalkboard in the frame, the colors were simply too close to each other. Also, I could tell by the corner pictured below that the navy wasn’t even original–looks like it used to be a shade of red at some point.


So: emerald green it was (Pantone color of the year 2013…told you I’m a wee bit behind). It looks swell with the gold frame and the chalkboard goodness goin’ on up in here.


After playing with chalk for far too long, I hung it up in the mudroom, on the wall directly opposite from the door to the garage. It’s the perfect size for this small wall.


I’m a big fan of how the green looks with the mudroom curtains.


Anyone else late to the chalkboard game? slash every trend ever? Oh great, it’s just me?


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