Landscaped Pathways and Other Outdoor Shenanigans

Caution: fresh air brings out the crazy in me. You’ve been warned.

After we finished mulching a billion square feet of our lawn, our little pathways around our spillway were looking pretty sad.

There were rocks, and there were pavers, but mostly there was just weeds.


So we did the easy thing (#opposite) and dug all the rocks out and started all over again.



There was in fact weed mat under all those rocks and weeds, but after 20? years, it was not really pulling it’s own weight anymore…


…so I went a little crazy and cut some carpet to act as weed mat this time around. Note: this sorta feels like the worst thing ever for the earth. Wouldn’t you agree? But apparently it’s a thing…as long as you never want to grow anything there ever, which we do not. So. Solution.


We then poured in some pea gravel and placed some new pavers. Things are looking a bit more crisp and updated around here.


While we were hot and sweaty, we also planted our first garden in the beds we built late last summer! Note: I was quite the eye-roller when it came to my mom and grandma’s garden while I was growing up. Now look at me.


We planted green beans, carrots, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, and cauliflower. Some sort of fence/critter inhibitor is next on the agenda.

And finally, we have tulips! and daffodils! I planted these bulbs the day before we left for Cancun last October, and boy, was I grumbly about it. It was cold, and I just wanted the hot Mexico sun already.


But they were TOTALLY worth it. I am now a crazy flower lady, texting pictures of their progress to my grandma on the regular.


Thrilling things around here, I’m telling you! JUST WAIT until the garden starts sprouting. It’s gonna get crazy up in here.

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