Do the Curtain Shuffle

This is probably the least exciting and most unglamorous return to blogging ever, but hey. I gotta start somewhere, and that somewhere is curtains.

Kenny and I made the 2.5 hour trek to IKEA again last month for curtains. Again. Curtains are my favorite IKEA products. We can blame this trip on our sunroom:


I really really love the white curtains in there (really!), and the dark, almost-black curtains in our main living area were not screaming summer to me. Plus, with the dark-ish blue couch, the dark coffee table, the black fireplace, and the gray chairs, there was just toooo much stuff competing for attention. Switching the curtains was an easy fix that helps a little.

Old curtains:


New curtains!


They totally blend into the background, but that was kind of my goal.


Now all of the curtains on the main floor are white (except for the floral in the mudroom), which is very boring. I love it. Someday I’d like to add some texture to the curtains (ribbon? fabric paint?) but that seems like a big job at the moment. Give me a couple of years.

(No, my photography skillz have not yet improved. Chalk this up to “cozy.”)


The old curtains went upstairs to one of the guest rooms. They’re pretty dark in here too, but this room doesn’t have a purpose yet, so it’s fine. These curtains are a much better weight than the temporary ones I put up there initially.


Here’s a close-up of how I mounted the curtains over the bamboo shade. I love this look, and it makes the window feel much bigger than it actually is.


More thrilling curtain tales to commence! Bahaha. Is anyone still reading? :)


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