Stop All The Thrifting…I Have Won.

There is no need for anyone anywhere to do any more thrifting, because it has happened: I have found the best possible thing ever. Everyone else may as well just give up now.

Introducing: this gigantic, solid brass anchor.


For $10 at a garage sale, it was mine. It weighs more than I do (almost).


However, my resent acquisition is causing some major existential problems in my life. If I have found the best thing there is to find, do I keep thrifting? What is the point? What is my purpose?!?


I’ve got a lot to think about in the next decades…at least I can do it while staring at this beaut.


  • Turning green with envy here. You’re right…that was a find for the ages…but…there may be another greater deal at this week’s sales…and you’ll never know…unless you continue the hunt…and so it continues…

  • Holy crap!!!! That’s amazing! You have some seriously amazing thrifting juju. You really need to do a “how I thrift” post, I’d love to know your strategies, because I have never found anything remotely as cool as some of the things you bring home.

  • LOL – this post cracked me up. It is a great find. But how will you ever know it’s really the best unless you keep looking? Just keep on keeping on.

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