Mini Makeover: Guest Bathroom Edition

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We recently repainted our upstairs bathroom, which led to a mini-makeover of the whole space.

For 1.5 years, the bathroom has looked like this. We had just been sticking in the extra things that didn’t really go in the rest of the house. Lame-o decorating, you know.


(Oh hi! That’s me on the day we moved in.)


It was a great little space, filled with potential. But I’ve been on the warpath against beige (nothing personal…I just don’t prefer it), so we repainted the room with Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl.


Which, of course, led to a little accessorizing.


I’ve been hoarding this paint-by-number (a $1 garage sale find!) for several months and this seemed like a perfect space to pull the trigger and hang it up. I’m still on the hunt for a sweet vintage frame for it.


I like the blue/gray laminate countertop, and the oil-rubbed-bronze faucet and hardware is pretty nice. On the hit-list for a future, more extensive makeover is this terrible linoleum (original to the 1993 house…we found it buried under the flooring in the kitchen too)…


…and the light fixture, since the shades are now a bit too warm in the cool colors of the room. I’m thinking something less fussy, with cleaner lines (possibly like this?).


But in the meantime, we are open for business–let the guests come! ;)



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