Backyard Resort (new outdoor sectional + rug + possibilities)

This post has been a long time coming, so here’s some history to get you up to speed.

When we first got married, we lived in the cheapest apartment we could stand. Rent was $525 (those WERE the days!). But we had zero square feet of outdoor space, not even a balcony.

One of the biggest reasons were were so ready to get a house was to have a piece of the great outdoors that we could call our own.

Well, we got more outdoor space than we ever dreamed possible.

One of our favorite places to lounge is on the deck off our sunroom, But since lounging on a bare deck was not ideal, we purchased an $80 “tide-us-over” patio set last summer from Aldi to use until we could save for something more permanent. We enjoyed last summer and half of this summer and scrimped and saved.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of our former material possessions that have helped make this purchase possible:

We sold the $10 brass anchor for $280 (why yes my heart is broken).

We sold this $50 Target rug for $220.

We sold this $60 bench for $100.

We hosted a grand garage sale and sold more things.

We hoarded our dollars and promotional codes and researched the heck out of patio furniture and finally pulled the trigger on this sectional.


Our final cost was about $1350 after a 10% coupon code (search ebay if you don’t have one!), which is very expensive for our Aldi/thrift store tastes, but this seemed like a lot of bang for our buck. Plus, we got $50 in Wayfair credit which we put toward this rug.

Our sectional arrived last week…sort of. We received 5 very large boxes.  4 of the boxes were part of our patio set, but the last box was addressed to someone else and was a different patio set entirely…and we were missing a box of our set. This came as no surprise, as 3 out of 5 purchases we’ve made from Joss & Main/Wayfair have been messed up in some way. It’s a good thing they have good customer service and great prices, because I keep shopping there despite everything. They ended up refunding us $100 for the inconvenience, which takes some of the sting out of the partial delivery.


Since the set was delivered last week Friday, we’ve been out here every single night with our Kindles. It’s been swell. We turn on the globe lights (can you spot them in the pic below?) and everything becomes that much more magical.


The coffee table is laughably small and squatty, but we didn’t buy the set for it and will probably replace it with something handmade. This could be a good foray into furniture making for us!


And that rug. UGH, I love it. I looked at ALLLLL 5,227 outdoor rugs on before settling on this one (discontinued from Loloi but still available from Wayfair!). My criteria: it had to be an “outdoor” rug and had to be colorful. I was actually searching for a 5×7 or 5×8, but I’m super glad we found this larger-but-still-affordable rug (it was a 7′ 10″ x 10′ 9″ for $139 when we ordered–minus $50 in rewards and $9 from a promo code=$80 final cost). It’s very soft and seems great so far, though we’ll have to weigh down the edges to get it to flatten fully.


None of these pillows pictured are outdoor pillows, so I’m on the hunt (I’m thinking pink and orange and maybe emerald green & black and white). But we’re already off and saving for our next big project, so the pillows might be a purchase that gets pushed down the road.


This arrangement won’t be the final arrangement (remember: we’re still waiting on 2 armless middle sections!), but that’s the beauty of a versatile patio set. We have options.

Now for the good stuff: parties and picnics galore! We hope to host friends a bunch more this summer now that we have a comfy outdoor space to offer.


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