The Master Plan for the Master Bedroom

I have been guilty of “leaving you hanging” in the worst way, and I apologize. Or maybe, you didn’t notice, and I should have just kept my mouth shut…oops. I’ll explain: we moved out of the master bedroom since it’s time to make some chaaaaaanges! Yippee!!! This has been a long time coming.

This is what our master bedroom has looked like for the past 1.5 years.


The view from the master looks out over the front of our house, which is fine, but if you know what our backyard looks like, you know why we’re sad about this.

Above the closets is a “plant ledge” (that’s what it is officially called on our blueprints) and there are three recessed florescent light fixtures up there that shine toward the ceiling. The early 90’s ambiance is just stunning.

Master Bedroom (1)

Here you can get a better idea of how the ceiling fan+ beam+plant ledge interact above the double bi-fold door closets. The closets themselves are fine if you only like using 1/3 of the available space.

Master Bedroom (6)

So, here’s a summary of our not-favorite things:

  • View from window
  • Plant ledge
  • Florescent lights
  • FAN
  • Closet doors
  • Closet space
  • 1/2 cathedral ceiling (I hate cathedral ceilings that only go up halfway)

On the other side of the closets is the smallest bedroom with the green carpet and track lighting.


This is the closet situation in the green bedroom.


Oh but wait, Anne, you are thinking–weren’t we talking about the Master bedroom? Boy, you really got off track there.

But NO! Calm down, oh ye of little faith. We are going to take down the wall of closets between the two rooms and merge these two bedrooms into one glorious large one. And then we are going to build a walk-in closet to rival all walk-in closets.

These very technical (not to scale, not accurate esp. in the hallway/angled area) MS Paint diagrams should help. I meant for them to be normal size, but they did not cooperate and who am I to argue with MS Paint? Just squint a little.

Before (the gray areas are the closets):

master before


master after

We’re taking out the green bedroom’s closet too, except there’s some plumbing running through the closet wall we want to take out, so we’ll be building a floor to ceiling bookshelf to hide it (accidentally awesome). The walk-in closet will go on the front of the house, making the main view from the bedroom looking over the backyard and our little lake.

Roughly, the new wall will divine this room in half down the middle of the dresser & bed. The door to the right is our master bathroom, so when it’s all said and done, the walk-in closet and bathroom will be happily married.

Master Bedroom (4)

Though this *looks* like a fairly easy remodel, it’s going to be an adventure for us rookies! We’ve never taken down walls before, and there will have to be some significant electrical planning/rerouting we’ll need to do. Plus, we’ve never really had much experience framing things or drywalling things or building a bookshelf, but we are wildly optimistic that we won’t mess our house up too much. The current plan is to do most of this ourselves. We may end up hiring out the drywall (mainly to match the ceiling texture, but also because I think we would hate doing it), and I’m not too confident on our electrical savvy, but we’re taking this one step at a time.

And then we can get to the fun stuff like closet organization and paint colors and furniture layouts.

For all of you worried about resale (this will make our 4 bedroom house a 3 bedroom), 1. we’re never moving so this is irrelevant, and 2. we could and might add a bedroom in the basement. Don’t fret.

Oh! And since the knocking down of the closet walls opens up the ceiling and involves moving insulation around, we need to get this closed back up before the temps drop this fall. The clock is ticking and I’m taking many deep breaths, over and over…

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