Master Bedroom: Demo Daze

We are finally remodeling our master bedroom! And it involves significant demo. So this post is going to be pretty picture heavy…but feel free to leave a comment if you have specific questions. I laid out our plans in this post, which will help you get a better idea of what is happening here.

First things first: vacuuming the soon-to-be-vanquished carpet (in case we find a use for it or can give it away, rather than filling up a landfill). Ken looks GOOOD with a vacuum. We think this carpet is original to the house, but it’s still in great condition. Anyone want it? ;)


Next we removed trim (Kenny did this while I feverishly worked behind him taking all the nails out of things). After the trim was up, the carpet came up easily…the tack strips not so much.



Once we got all the carpet and trim outta there, it was time to tackle the drywall! This was pretty scary to do as a homeowner but we got into it pretty quickly giving ourselves no time to second guess our decision!




Once we removed all the drywall we could without disrupting the master bedroom, we moved our things to a different bedroom and began dismantling the closets.



One thing I was super excited to get rid of was this (dust-laden) florescent light fixture that shone up towards the ceiling above our closets.




Then it was time to do the whole remove trim/remove carpet thing again. Kenny had a church committee meeting one night, so I spent a few hours up here alone working on the trim, taking nails out as I went.


This bedroom’s carpet we cut into strips to remove. Since it isn’t in good shape and we just threw it out, it was easier to manage and carry small rolls of carpet vs. one large roll.



OH THE DUST. If I think about it too much, the whole concept of carpet really grosses me out. See all the dirt on the floor below? Ew.



Then we began removing the drywall from the master bedroom side of the wall and we saw daylight between the two rooms for the first time.


Eeeep! What have we done?!?

More to come!

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  • ok so you guys set some sort of record for incredibly clean and organized demo!!! Holy cow. This is an inspiration for the next time we rip apart a room… Also, tell me your heart didn’t beat faster than ever before when you saw daylight between those rooms? it’s the BEST feeling to me to let light shine in where it didn’t before! Can’t wait to see more!

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