Vintage Seascape Gallery Wall

We have this empty (mostly) wall in our kitchen that’s been bothering me since day 1. It’s a large wall, and we thought our giant clock would fill it up but the clock ended up looking super puny. No good….except then we lived with it for a year and a half. Finally I’d had enough (really, I was just procrastinating on doing electrical work in on our master bedroom project…) and I raided my stash of vintage artwork. Yes, I have a stash. Please do not tell Ken.


I don’t bother cutting out paper templates or anything like that (and occasionally regret it, whatevs), but I do lay everything out on the floor beforehand so I have a good idea where I want everything to go.


Once I settled on a plan, it was a simple matter of hanging them up. When the artwork hangs with a wire, I use two nails about 2 inches apart to help things stay level better. And if a picture is still determined to hang crookedly, I stick a wad of poster putty behind one of the bottom corners of the frame.


I don’t quite yet have enough seascapes to fill a whole wall, so I used a general water theme (for the most part) and tried to select artwork that was all in the same color family.


I really love how this fills the space, but I already want to make a few adjustments, as per usual–reversing the order of the artwork on the top row, and tightening up everything beneath it so the frames are closer together. But I think I’ll hold off for now and let things evolve as I acquire new pieces.


About half of the pieces are originals and half are reproductions. I need to do another “thrifted finds” post since I’ve found a few new pieces since my last thrift store post. Stay tuned for that; it will almost certainly be thrilling. ;)


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